1. Forecasting Malware Capabilities From Cyber Attack Memory Images
    O. Alrawi, M. Ike, M. Pruett, R. Pai Kasturi, S. Barua, T. Hirani, B. Hill, B. Saltaformaggio.
    To appear in Proc. 30th USENIX Security Symposium (Security ’21), Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
    (Acceptance rate: TBD)
  2. Towards Measuring Supply Chain Attacks on Package Managers for Interpreted Languages.
    R. Duan, O. Alrawi, R. Pai Kasturi, R. Elder, B. Saltaformaggio, W. Lee.
    To appear in Proc. 28th Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS’21), San Diego, CA, 2021.
    (Acceptance rate: 15.2%)
  3. TARDIS: Rolling Back The Clock On CMS-Targeting Cyber Attacks.
    R. Pai Kasturi, Y. Sun, R. Duan, O. Alrawi, E. Asdar, V. Zhu, Y. Kwon, B. Saltaformaggio.
    In Proc. 41st IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P ’20), San Francisco, CA, 2020.
    (Acceptance rate: 12.3%)
    [PDF] [Video: 1 Min. Preview] [Video: Conf. Presentation]
  4. The Betrayal At Cloud City: An Empirical Analysis Of Cloud-Based Mobile Backends.
    O. Alrawi*, C. Zuo*, R. Duan, R. Pai Kasturi, Z. Lin, B. Saltaformaggio.
    In Proc. 28th USENIX Security Symposium (Security ’19), Santa Clara, CA, 2019.
    (Acceptance rate: 15.7%) *Authors contributed equally.
    [PDF] CSAW’19 Applied Research Competition Finalist